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”Was looking for a professional photographer to photograph my graduation and also corporate resume headshot. Found TheStoneSyndrome and the whole process was smooth from start to finish. The photographer was patient and I really love the photos delivered in a quick time. Highly recommended!”


”Easygoing, patient and professional photographer who needed little explanation to understand the look and feel we were looking for! Had an amazing first outdoor photoshoot experience for whoaa!'s latest CNY launch with Shizheng and was so happy with the final photos! Was initially really stressed since we had zero experience with art directing but Shizheng was very accommodative and constantly chipped in his ideas along the way! We would definitely continue partnering with him for future shoots and would highly recommend his service to anyone looking for a non intimidating photoshoot - both for a new business owner and for a non-professional model! Great job 👍🏻”



TheStoneSyndrome provides bespoke portraiture, studio and fashion photography services for your specific business and personal needs.

Our photographers will work with you to identify your requirements and recommend the best approach to photograph the photos you desire.

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Our portraiture photographers are not only well-versed in both indoor studio lighting and outdoor photoshoots but also have experience in directing clients and models from agencies.

Excellent Communication

Our professional portrait photographers value the relationship with all our clients and we communicate effectively to deliver what is required, every single time.

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Our portraiture, studio and fashion portfolio speaks for itself with a strong sense of aesthetics that is unique to TheStoneSyndrome's branding.

Services Offered

We provide professional portraiture, studio and fashion photography services for both your business and personal needs.

Our Services Includes: Personal Portraiture Photography, Corporate Headshot Photography, Fashion Photography, Modelling Portfolio Photography, Resume Photography, Passport/NRIC Photography, Business Portraiture Photography, E-commerce Store Studio/Outdoor Photography, E-commerce Fashion Photography, Conceptual Photography, And more!

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Pricing & Rates

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